YOVA YAGER hospitality design

YOVA YAGER hospitality design

Kyiv, Ukraine

YOVA YAGER hospitality design is a niche studio. We embrace a sustainable attitude in the environmental design of restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bars.

Why niche? Because our goal is to do surgically accurate work dealing with every project. We reserve the right to choose projects we want to work on. After all, we consider important not quantity, but the quality, the impact our projects have on people helping them to rethink and make this world a better place. This is why the studio’s chief designer and founder, Yova Yager, takes part in each project.

We exist to create places where people have an opportunity to come into focus, take a new look at themselves, communicate, work and relax. Places that people want to return to, places, connected with good memories and emotions.

We believe that creation of inspiring and functional spaces for communities is essential so that we offer rethinking first, and design afterwards. This is our way to help people to develop aesthetic perception, unleash the potential of local entrepreneurs, and make cities more attractive.

Projects of this designer