Wei-Yi Design

Wei-Yi Design

Taipei, Taiwan

The design itself today is no longer a pronoun of remodelling and renovation, there’s more aspect to it. It’s package of discussion about life, connecetion, transformation, details and attitude so that people who actually live in the house can have a different experience.

When it comes to design scale, Wei-Yi Design has precision, creation and individuality. We have shifted our priority from furniture decoration to art. So that we established C&F Art Studio in early 2014, more focused on research and production.

We are supposed to involve more point of view and international aspect into design, and that’s why we expanded our business to Shanghai and established L&F Architecture Design Firm. And when we have talented people from all over the world, it might also cause some impact to Taiwan in every way. No matter what we do and how we do, Wei-Yi Design is devoted to it 100% of our heart.

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