nimtim architects

nimtim architects

London, United Kingdom

We make projects that are reflections of the people who commission them, use them, build them, design them. By inviting clients, users, builders, fabricators and collaborators to contribute to a shared vision, we create spaces and places that resonate deeply with the people who use them and helped make them.

We research and analyse the physical, cultural, social context of each site/ neighbourhood/ family/ organisation. We ask lots of questions and take time to listen: we test scenarios (current and future) and ensure everyone is heard.

Every project is unique and our response is as unique for each. We create an atmosphere of collaboration and dialogue where people are unafraid to bring ideas or proposals. Having established a shared vision at the outset, every member of the team is empowered to contribute. We seek to inspire, challenge, delight and by inviting clients and users to feel ownership of these ideas, they become bolder & more ambitious in terms of what the project can be.

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