Moscow, Russia

Miyao is a multidisciplinary design studio from Moscow specializing in interior design, development of visual concepts, art direction and branding.

In our studio, each project starts with the construction of a concept: it is a kind of a vehicle which helps to move around a coordinate system that includes the need to solve different tasks and the context in which they are set. The presence of the concept as such in the foundation of the project allows us to think not only and not so much about achieving visual compliance with any references, but about the possibility of achieving a certain emotional response and experience.

In our practice, first of all, we try to create a territory of silence and general creation. We have no division into the “minimal”, “comfy” and “VIP” projects — this is nothing but informational noise. The main goal of any project is to be implemented, and to achieve this goal a project can exist in one form only — to be informationally complete. That is why we focus on finding the necessary information and turning it into a holistic structure.

An equally important priority is the building of partnership, a trusting relationship with the client, the search for mutual connection, since in the duration of the project these parameters become a more valuable resource than just favorable conditions for cooperation.

Projects of this designer