Matt Woods Design

Matt Woods Design

Sydney, Australia

Matt has always been different. His mum will vouch for that. As a child he spent hours fashioning wooden milk crates and old pieces of furniture into spaceships and devices for time travel. On his 10th birthday he actually disappeared for 4 hours only to return, heavily tattooed, looking 20 years older and muttering about a sustainable future and strange cafes made from storage containers.

He hasn’t aged since, mentally or physically. But using the knowledge that he gleaned from the future he set to work in the business of manufacturing, design and architecture. He even managed to secure a degree in Industrial and Sustainable Design. Matt, with his uniquely shaped brain (and head) developed a powerful and rare gift. The ability to innovate and create with forward thinking style and grace. In 2010 his dream was born; a boutique agency with the power to change the world.

In this short period of time Matt, and his sustainability focused designs have dazzled the eye balls and captured the attention of mass and design media, fellow designers and most importantly, his clients. The studio has been fortunate in its opportunities to work on a variety of projects. Yet regardless of the size, brief or budgetary constraints, it is focused on delivering exciting, well-resolved projects and awesomely stimulating environments to experience and enjoy.

These days Matt has chosen to step away from time travel and focus on blowing people’s minds with his interior design skills. He’s still a bit different, ‘unique’ some might say. But he’s found a way to harness this creative eccentricity and fling it in people’s faces with explosive results.

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