March Studio

March Studio

Melbourne , Australia

Most architectural statements are boring reading at best and at worst, a complete misrepresentation of what an architect does.

We could tell you how awesome we are; that we’re design gurus, always ready with the simplest, most intelligent solution; that we’re sustainable and yet also remarkably cost effective….

The fact is however, that whilst we can deliver some, or even most of these things, the constraints of budget, regulations, brief and expectations are a continual balancing act throughout the process. The success of a project depends as much on the clients’ engagement and understanding of our process as our “genius” alone.

The planning and building industry is a complicated world. We assist our clients to navigate these difficult landscapes with the hope of trying to get through the other side, with something unique at the end. We like to take calculated risks that could create great opportunities and windfalls along with potential moments of architectural transcendence. The level of success in this regard is variable, but mostly we like to think that more often than not we get it right.

We have a vast knowledge of materials and processes and are constantly testing, prototyping and refining these for deployment in current and future projects.  We ask that you as a client come to us with an open mind, and a flexible brief, and that you’re ready to come on a journey with us. The projects which thrive and are the most successful, are those where the idea is allowed to evolve and flourish and are not the result of pre-conceived ideas.

Incidentally, we don’t pitch for work either, so to avoid embarrassment please don’t send us RFT’s or tell us that you need ‘a couple of unpaid ideas’ first.

 We’re architects that build (sometimes literally with our own hands), and competitions aside we consider not building a waste of time, evidence is in the 60+ projects we’ve completed since our inception in 2007. Most of them are here on this website for your perusal, a large number of them are either currently being documented or are under construction. We hope you enjoy reading and looking at the work we’ve done, just as much as we’re enjoyed doing it.

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