Kirkwood McCarthy

Kirkwood McCarthy

London, United Kingdom

Kirkwood McCarthy is an award winning London based architecture and design studio established in 2013 by Fiona Kirkwood and Sophie McCarthy.

Reputed for working on constrained or otherwise complicated sites, we create buildings with highly resolved space planning that maximise site and setting to bring enjoyment and delight to the occupant. Experienced with Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas, we are adept at balancing local heritage with contemporary design outcomes.

Our projects are acclaimed for their manipulation of space, light and use of material palette. We do not bring a fixed style or outcome, but rather apply experience, intuition and skill to develop a design based on the opportunities of the site and personality of the end user. We are friendly, diligent and attentive in our approach and encourage a collaborative approach between the design team, consultants, stake holders and end users.

Likewise in our work, we seek to forge social engagements for the user, the internal and external environments. This manoeuvre achieves a heightened spatial quality and enhanced internal environment, making for buildings that belie the sites upon which they stand.


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