Katherine Newman Design

 Katherine Newman Design

Toronto, Canada

Katherine Newman Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm combining the services of architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and construction project management.

Katherine Newman Design is guided by the philosophy that the exterior and interior of a building are intrinsically related and that the design articulated within a space should be developed considering its physical envelope whether this be achieved by continuity or contrast. Rather than being defined by a single style, each project is approached as a distinct commission which considers the interplay between the function of a space, the unique requirements related to the client and the surrounding physical context. A diverse knowledge of historical and modernist details facilitates a remarkably bespoke product which, rather than relying on a literal purity of style, allows for the synthesizing of divergent aesthetics in a thoroughly original way. A hybrid language which rejects trends but rather looks to the past, embraces the present and considers the future. Extreme luxury is expressed through an art based, fully custom process which results in a refined and timeless environment.  A high level of technical mastery transfers from architecture to interior decorating affording the same control over the furnishing process whereby artisanal, one of a kind art pieces are realized. A couture approach involves the combining of works by both historical and contemporary designers with custom pieces unique to each project.

A unique attention to detail and commitment to design integrity is very much rooted in a business model which limits the number of projects taken per year such that the two principles, designer Katherine Newman and architect Peter Cebulak, remain the lead team members for all projects. A Katherine Newman Design project evokes key words including elegance, refinement, restraint, nuanced, collected, evolved, artisanal, discipline, rigour and conversely dynamic, eclectic, spirited, whimsy, comfort and unexpected.  The firm sees no distinction between architecture, interior design and art. An extension of the firm’s creative activity includes commissioned paintings and sculpture by lead architect Peter Cebulak who spent much time during his university years living and painting in Venice prior to relocating to Toronto.

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