Islyn Studio

Islyn Studio

New York City, New York

Islyn (eye-lynn) is a group of thinkers, dreamers and wildly curious makers who believe experience can be an art form. With meticulous consideration to detail and an allegiance to the senses, we create the worlds we want to escape to. A full-service design studio, we make hotels, bars, retail spaces, restaurants, objects and stories that explore contemporary culture and aesthetics through a lens of immersive sensory experience.

Women-run, -owned and -operated, our ethos is one of full-body participation. Our work takes you into the world, and our spaces serve to inspire. For us, this means creating places where people’s experiences matter. Where ideas are Queen, new rituals are forged and where everything is deeply considered — from the Hinoki wood fragrance in the lobby to the shuka-shuka-shuka sound when you’re underwater in the pool, and how this reminds you of your own beating heart.

We know what love can look like and what beauty can feel like. We are always learning the joys and heights of human experience. At Islyn, we work with a throng of visionaries to bottle this lightning.

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