Freadman White

Freadman White

Melbourne, Australia

Led by Ilana Freadman and Michael White, Freadman White embeds a curiosity-driven and experientially charged tension in its architecture. Seeking to reveal beauty in seemingly simple and often overlooked settings, we strive to create visually intriguing and emotionally resonant spaces.

Believing architecture’s mandate to be making positive contributions to individual lives and the wider urban plan, Freadman White designs contextually informed structures with disciplined whimsy. Rather than responding literally to physical surrounds, we pursue sensorial and textural moments that are informed by memories of place and the achievements of modern architecture.

Our projects narrate a desire to condition experiences of spaces. Quiet impact is sought through elegantly contrasting formal elements with atmospheric intangibles. Thoughtful modulations in light and shade, proportion, function and flexibility are expressed through uncompromising construction, enduring materials and a minimal, yet warm, aesthetic.

Projects of this designer