Eliza Blair Architecture

Eliza Blair Architecture

Melbourne, Australia

At Eliza Blair Architecture, we specialise in Melbourne renovations. Each project is unique because it’s tailor-made for you. First and foremost, architecture is about you, not us. That’s why we love to find design opportunities that emerge from your values and lifestyle. The design of your home is driven from the unique characteristics of your site, the way you live (or would like to live) and the context of your existing home and neighbourhood.

We work in a collaborative way, taking the time to get to know you and your needs before putting pen to paper (or, put mouse to mousepad, as is more common these days). Renovating can be a daunting proposition. Eliza works closely with you, providing a one-on-one, personalised service so you feel supported and in control through the whole process.

We also draw on the expertise of other professionals, so you can be sure to get it right. We gain a lot of inspiration by working collaboratively with talented interior designers, landscapers, builders and consultants so that you get the best team possible for your project.

Rather than be seduced by fads, fashions and what’s trending on Pinterest, we think about how the spaces in your house will work now and in the future. We will propose materials and finishes that suit the design concept and the budget and will stand the test of time. All of our designs are also energy-efficient and environmentally considerate, because other than costing you less to run and maintain, an energy-efficient home is a comfortable home.

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