Büro Koray Duman

Büro Koray Duman

New York City, New York

B-KD (Büro Koray Duman) is a research-driven architecture and design studio based in New York City. We believe that architecture should be functional and unexpected; engaging and poetic; and experimental and affordable. Combining innovative design solutions with socially conscious ideals, we aim to redefine the relationship between contemporary architecture and the complexity of urban intervention. We pride ourselves on promoting awareness of cultural diversity through the participation of urban communities while navigating intricate spatial constraints to activate underutilized urban environments.

We create spaces for the production of emerging cultural narratives. We strive to design hybrid public spaces that perform in multiple ways. We act as instigators of change, progress, and innovation. Our research projects tackle the challenges of repurposing underused or obsolete urban infrastructure to plan for a dynamic, vibrant future of lasting value. We cross boundaries and overcome barriers. We embrace collaborative work and seek out audacious community partners. We favor a considered and sensitive design approach that strives to apply and critically communicate evidence-based research findings through bold spatial and cultural narratives.

B-KD works across all typologies and scales. We are developing a transcendent vision of architecture. If it challenges us, we’re on board.

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