370 studio

370 studio

Warsaw, Poland

We are an interdisciplinary design studio gathering architects and graphic designers, whose creative passion has always exceeded one single industry.

Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years in a variety of creative sectors, we make comprehensive interior designs enriched in visual identity, thus building the projects whose character is coherent and unique. We approach each project individually, analyzing our Customers’ needs and expectations and selecting the best designing tools. What our realizations have in common is caring for detail and applying unconventional solutions. We believe that the success of every single project is made up of experience, knowledge, open mind and trust, which is why our relation with the Customer is based on those values when we work out the multidimensional scenario together. The designs which we create are not a collection of beautiful illustrations but, above all, an effect of substantial solutions, where each element can be justified and explained.

We are present at each stage of the design (interior architecture, graphics, visual merchandising). Our work is not finished when we hand in the ordered materials. We watch over the organization of the project as well as its proper implementation, offering the Customer our advice and experience.

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