The Shelter designed by Esoteriko is a gym where you feel like in a spa

The Shelter designed by Esoteriko is a gym where you feel like in a spa

  • Array Tereza

  • 12 months ago

The Shelter is a unique space designed to feel like a spa, and work like a gym. The clients’ vision was to combine four distinct yet inter-related programs of ‘wellness’ under the one roof; ice baths, saunas, gym and juice bar: Hot, cold, loud, quiet, dark, light. Esoteriko, an emerging interior architecture practice, rose to the challenge of designing this project.

“It was to be an unexpected sanctuary, within a former dilapidated restaurant in the back lanes of Double bay. Importance was placed upon the space conveying a sense of uncomplicated luxury, the flagship for an intended global Australian Brand, with strict budget restraints. The existing site offered up its challenges. The shed-like structure required to accommodate varied programmes within 200 square metres while still maintaining a generosity of space. The Design approach was a simple organisation of space with a restrained and carefully considered palette of materials. The interior planning was refined to express itself in an uncomplicated and efficient manner. A particular sense of an Australian vernacular was established- light textures, gum trees, and a verandah out the front. The often-harsh Northern Australian light is dappled throughout the external spaces with simple timber screens, a seamless interaction between the indoor-outdoor spaces. All the senses were considered throughout the process- texture, sound, light as well as particular scents. Each space distinct yet seamlessly inter- related, always with a hint of Eucalyptus and cedar wafting and an abundance of natural light. Materials enhance the unique semi- industrial warehouse and terrace site, and establish a clear ‘brand’ palette. An essence of premium simplicity, distilled. The pinky hues of fragrant cedar delicately balance with the cool reflections of finished stainless steel and textural hand cut white tiles. Warm grey concrete floor topping unites the spaces, set against a backdrop of ‘polar white’ painted timber work, ‘unforgettable’ grey to the walls and highlights of textured orange granite and Eucalyptus. Any required insertions, to accommodate necessary programme such as change rooms, are intended to enhance the scale and natural light within the bones of the simple raked shed like structure. The spaces are defined by screens rather than walls, creating a sense of openness, while still maintaining acceptable levels of privacy. Artificial lighting is pulled down from the ceiling, tracing the cross beams and illuminating vertically in parts. A play of light and reflection is present throughout. A gradual descent from the naturally illuminated open entry and gathering ,” explains Anna Trefely, founder of studio