Elegant San Francisco home by JDP Interiors bounces colors of Alcatraz island

Elegant San Francisco home by JDP Interiors bounces colors of Alcatraz island

  • Array Tereza

  • 9 months ago

JDP Interiors rose to the challenge of redesigning an existing house in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Clients requested light and bright with contrast and really fell for the BDDW chair which really set the tone for the entire scheme.

“My clients, 30-something professionals, who often entertain, requested a serene color scheme while keeping it young (infusing hip and funky furniture items) and aimed at providing plenty of seating for entertaining. What caught my eye was the location including the wrap-around views of the San Francisco bay and Alcatraz island. The windows and the view just beyond them are what was so incredible about this space but was also what made this project tricky. Every main wall was a window, so we were stuck with the dilemma of trying to configure a furniture plan without blocking the view. We ended up opting for low, open seating that wraps around the windows instead of avoiding them altogether (which would have resulted in less seating and more cramped living quarters). The existing property was modern which can sometimes lean slightly cold so the goal was to warm the space and infuse personality. The clients were interested in a modern Scandinavian vibe but loved a previous project I did and the high contrast it allowed for. The existing property is very modern, so we needed to take this into account while warming up the space and infusing some sophistication. I was very inspired by the colors that were peeking through these giant windows at the time of my initial visit; especially from Alcatraz island – greens, browns, creams/tan, while infusing pops of black for a dramatic effect. My initial inspiration was this project by Robson Rak called the Toorak 2 house – particularly this image of the dining area off the kitchen,” explains Joyce Downing Pickens, founder of the studio

  • Location: Russian Hill – San Francisco, California
  • Date completed: 2020
  • Size: 3,278 square feet
  • Design: JDP Interiors
  • Photos: Bess Friday
Main living space
Dining table & kitchen
Bar seating
Living room