Biasol uses subtly rich and mature palette throughout Populus café in Victoria’s municipality City of Casey

Biasol uses subtly rich and mature palette throughout Populus café in Victoria’s municipality City of Casey

  • Array Tereza

  • 12 months ago

Populus is a new café located in the heart of the City of Casey, a neighborhood providing great coffee, food and design, meeting the growing community’s popular demand. A long-term friend and hospitality entrepreneur Rob Salha asked design studio Biasol to design his third café’s location.

” Following in the footsteps of Hutch & Co and Little Hugh, Populus is enlivening the outskirts of Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. However, where the previous venues have a simple material and colour palette, with timber finishes, steel details and industrial elements, we felt Populus needed a richer, more mature palette. We contrasted rose and blush hues against terrazzo and charcoal-stained timber to create a sophisticated design that is fresh and welcoming for the community. The seating, bar and open kitchen activates the full length of the long, narrow footprint. Banquette seats extend along one wall where they receive maximum natural light and allow for a pathway for staff and customers to move through the space. Using a tonal palette, the banquette backrests are upholstered in blush, and the dining chairs wrapped with rosewood-coloured leather. The bar and kitchen stretch along the opposite wall, with rounded corners for easy flow. Coffee and drinks are prepared and served at the front bar, and customers can sit at the counter or nearby communal tables designed to bring customers together. A circular table is affixed to the front of the bar, and a peninsula-like counter encourages interaction at the front of the restaurant. The kitchen is easily accessible in the centre of the restaurant, and the back bar is an open kitchen to encourage interaction between diners and chefs. Biasol’s Tre Mezzo stools provide flexible seating, and the blush-coloured frame and seat stand out against the graphic black-and-white terrazzo floor and charcoal-stained timber around the bar and communal table. Timber benchtops and ceilings add warmth to the space, and shelving above the bar features Populus coffee and plants. The venue is named after the much-loved Populus trees that stand tall along Berwick’s High Street. It also reflects the popularity of the café, being repeatedly frequented by popular demand. The articulated ‘u’ in the logotype references a smile and coffee cup and emphasises that Populus is ‘you’ and ‘us.’ It also reinforces the positive focus on community and inclusivity, as does the statement on the coffee cup: ‘Just the two of us’,” says Heidi Biasol, Brand Director

  • Location: City of Casey – Melbourne, Australia
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Size: 2,643 square feet
  • Design: Biasol
  • Photos: Jack Lovel
Rose and blush hues, terrazzo and charcoal-stained timber
Blush banquette seats & rosewood-coloured leather chairs
Rounded corners
Front bar
Communal table
Biasol’s Tre Mezzo stools


Floor plan