Posti Box is unique self-service store with gorgeous interior for online shopping customers

Posti Box is unique self-service store with gorgeous interior for online shopping customers

  • Array Tereza

  • 1 year ago

Motley, a Finnish consulting company, teamed up with Fyra, an interior architecture and design company, to create a new self-service store for online shopping customers using Posti, Finland’s leading postal and logistics company.

“It needed to be something more than just a row of parcel lockers. It was clear from the start that the space in central Helsinki needed to accommodate over 600 parcel lockers. In addition, there needed to be fitting rooms for the customers to try their purchases on immediately. The space also needed to look interesting to draw attention when looking in from the street. Motley approached the project from the point of view of creating a service concept. Fyra concentrated on interior architecture and functionality. The overall concept of Box was developed in close cooperation with Motley. The outcome is a harmonious space where the parcel lockers act as a backdrop giving room for the customers to try on their purchases, perhaps make returns and send packages. Special attention has been paid to the recycling of packaging materials. The space was to be functional as well as intuitive for the user. With different colours assigned to different areas of activity, the customer instinctively follows a path finding their way around the facility. The collaborating companies also set out to create a visually compelling interior for it to stand on its own, separate from the existing brand imagery, and to represent Posti’s renewed identity. The concept of Box as well as the interior design was executed swiftly: Finland’s first Posti Box was opened in the centre of Helsinki in the beginning of November. There is an area called Spotlight in the front section. It can be used by online companies to present their products to the consumers. Near the entrance is also an area with staff always ready to help. There are couches so the customer can take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee. The parcel lockers are in the background,” says Fyra

Unboxing area
Recycling area
Fitting rooms
Tables for packages sending
Over 600 parcels as backdrop
Spotlight area