Mariana de Délas transforms former repair shop into minimalist colorful home

Mariana de Délas transforms former repair shop into minimalist colorful home

Mariana de Delás recently completed a transformation of a former motorcycle repair shop located in the frontier of Palma de Mallorca’s old quarter, into an inspiring contemporary home.

“Palma Hideaway is the result of an ongoing exploration on how to dwell ground floor spaces sited in bustling urban fabrics. The space had generous free heights, a non used courtyard and was built in traditional mares stone (mallorcan limestone). As the existing groundfloor access door created a very violent connection between the road and the studio, it was essential to integrate an intermediate buffer garden area. This garden buffer area serves as a way to get light inside and also act as an acoustic and privacy barrier from the street.  This new courtyard is created by having two opposing layers of facade. First, an exterior light-permeable perforated iron sheet folding door that can be totally opened and gives a gradient of visual privacy to the apartment. And second, a glass and wood frame window structure that shuts down direct noise from across the road. The space between these two skins can be totally or partially opened, with a large number of variations to suit every need. A wood built-in bench and built-in tiled planters complete the setup ideal for a transitional calming entry ritual where lush plants merge with tiled walls bringing back a Mediterranean courtyard welcome. Once inside, the proposal generates around a single new diagonal partition that serves as a room divider, storage space and a visual directional guider towards the back exterior space. This single wood partition serves as an aid for all main activities of the dwelling and also creates an acoustic barrier between them. The left side of the partition is reserved for the bedroom and closet area. This space is elevated a few steps to create a sense of coziness and eye height barrier to the new entrance courtyard. The elevated areas consist of the more domestic ones such as study, bedroom, closets and bathroom. In the bathroom the elevated height is used to go down a few steps making an inbuilt shower/bath for hedonist living. The right side of the partition is reserved for the common areas. Flooring of polished concrete remain continuous throughout the dwelling to create a sense of amplitude. A central kitchen work island is placed in the middle of the space encouraging central gathering. This table is co-designed and produced by local Mallorca young designers and brings a touch of color and freshness to the more minimalistic shell. The living room and dining area are placed at the wider opening close to the back garden. An inbuilt sofa is designed to maximize the space and old pinup calendars found on site are given a second chance by making them the main wall decoration element. Formerly a small door access to exterior space a big opening is done to connect the inside with the exterior backspace. Vines and green are planted to produce an intimidate secret garden in the future. A small guestroom and a second bathroom are placed in the old storage space perimetral to backyard,” explains Mariana de Delás

Groundfloor access door
Single wood partition
Common area
Central kitchen island
Living room & inbuilt sofa
Elevated space for private area

Bedroom & study corner