Functional yet distinctive is NYC loft designed by Dean Works

Functional yet distinctive is NYC loft designed by Dean Works

Dean Works has recently completed a home for a young couple of the multidisciplinary design studio GLAM.

“Our clients found a sunny studio-loft in Clinton Hill that felt right, but lacked any built-in storage or private sleeping quarters. These missing elements helped establish the design priorities early on; add desperately needed storage, create a space for sleeping, but still preserve the loft ‘feel’. The big design idea was to create a ‘furniture-like’ element that slipped into the space and spatially separated but tectonically blended the new bedroom and kitchen areas. The clients had previously designed and built a plywood dining table, so we used this as the material and detail inspiration for our new intervention. All the new custom cabinetry mimics the table’s minimal and unobtrusive detailing. This more utilitarian-grade plywood was then paired with very special stone for the kitchen. We spent a lot of time visiting stone yards until we found the right combination of slabs. We knew we wanted to make a dramatic moment for the backsplash and found a wild Italian marble that paired perfectly with an understated dark soapstone from Vermont. To emphasize the openness of the loft, but still provide privacy, we designed sliding steel reeded-glass doors that pocket and disappear into the millwork. Discreet lighting was also carefully selected to give the contemporary space a cozy feel at night.  The highly functional space is great for everyday living but also fantastic for entertaining,” explains Brandon Dean, founder of Dean Works

  • Location: Clinton Hill – New York City, New York
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Design: Dean Works
  • Clients/Collaborators: GLAM
  • Photos: Daniel Salemi
‘Furniture-like’ element

Wild Italian marble backsplash
Living room and plywood dining table

Sliding steel reeded-glass doors

Home office