Designers inject new life into exquisite Montreal home with nobel and highly textured materials

Designers inject new life into exquisite Montreal home with nobel and highly textured materials

Michael Godmer and Mathieu Turgeon, both designers and owners of a charming property, conceptualized and designed the Maison-Boutique Coloniale, an atypical home hidden in the streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal.

“Both a design studio and a main residence, the house becomes an elaborate gallery for the design team led by me, displaying a selection of materials, objects, furniture and lighting meticulously chosen from local suppliers with whom the designers collaborate. In the evening, the house trades its gallery duty to become a cozy home full of life. Built in 1885 on a very narrow residual plot located between two houses, the residence is characterized by its distinctive limited width. The interior spatial design is dependent on the majestic central staircase, on the side of which the rooms are succesively organisedIn 1980, a major renovation distorted many architectural elements dating from the Victorian era; we had thus the desire to restore the original elements that have survived the times through their interventions using noble and timeless materials to ensure the sustainability of the renovation. The concept of our design was to stratify the spaces from public to private across the three floors while opening the rooms to let the natural light shine throughThe office is located at the street level. From its entrance, one is welcomed in a bright workplace with white and unified surfaces. A new shiny panelled volume inserted in the heart of the space conceals the service rooms; behind one of its hidden doors one can find a new and elegant powder room with accents of real terrazzo. At the end of the house a cozy meeting room where the existing brick and stone walls and new velvet drapery immerse the space in a speakeasy atmosphere. The promenade now takes one to the second floor where the hall of the staircase leads into a bright living room located at the front of the house, and a large kitchen and dining room open to the courtyard. As one comes in the space, the kitchen undoubtedly catch the eye as being the central element of the houseCarefully designed to respond to its very small spacethe elegance of the space is marked by noble and highly textured materialshighlighted by the high white walls. The veining of the marble, the grain of the wood, the brass and the terracotta becomes the protagonists of the room against its simple and clean lines, and together they unveil a well-balanced space. The new floor, which had to be replaced, was diligently chosen to be a nod to the house’s original flooring. The room was carefully designed to keep the clearances at a minimumCustom cabinetry, built-in handles, curved counters and built-in appliances where opted for in order to maximize the space and give a unified and sensible look to the space. The choice of furniture is a mix of family heritage antiques and Scandinavian favorite pieces carefully chosen by the designers. At the third and ultimate floor are found the private spaces where two bedrooms and a bathroom, all of which will soon be addressed in an upcoming project,” explains Michael Godmer

  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Size: 1,800 square feet
  • Design: Michael Godmer & Mathieu Turgeon
  • Photos: Maxime Brouillette
Central staircase and office
Concealed service rooms
Powder room
Cozy meeting room
Living room

Dining area
Custom kitchen