Sundukovy Sisters create minimalist interior with exquisite details for Mishka Bosco Bar in Moscow

Sundukovy Sisters create minimalist interior with exquisite details for Mishka Bosco Bar in Moscow

  • Array Tereza

  • 11 months ago

Mishka Bosco Bar is a new all-day wine bar located in the famous GUM, an iconic shopping center on the Red Square in the heart of Moscow. The venue was completed by design & architecture studio Sundukovy Sisters.

“Red Square and GUM are exquisite as they are, calling for a sustainable approach. The key was to not to overfill the walls with legacy, but rather purify the space. We decided to stick with beloved minimalism, accentuating it with expressive details, which link back to the unique historic heritage of the venue. The central interlink between external and internal space are 2050 dimmable light bulbs, which replay the facade illumination of GUM. Revealed magnificently through outer windows, they draw in guests with their comfort in the evening. A ziggurat of stainless steel, referring to the iconic mausoleum on the Red Square, attracts guests to take seats with the best view of the Kremlin in the daytime, and turns into a podium for dizzy dancing in the reflecting sea of lights. Decorative plaster with an effect of aged walls blends with the shade of GUM facade, blurring boundaries between outer and inner realms. On its background, black graphic accents of lighting truss and coat hooks depict create a pure laconic contrast. Aged mirrors complement the sense of spatial authenticity. Tables of irregular marble, decorative wooden veneer and textured surfaces, that may get lost in another interior, appear particularly vibrant in this neat space, especially in evenings, with directed theatrical light. In contrast to minimalist furniture, large antique table and chandelier also refer to older days, evoking associations with family feasts. Strips of non-combustible paper breathe in an airy accent and conceal neatly the outside canvas blinds, providing patrons with a clear view of the Red Square. Due to the floor recession from inside the bar, standard height seating allows guests to socialize and flirt with bartenders, which surely increases the amount of cocktails ordered and raises profits. Even looking reflective fabric underneath the bar gives off an unexpected flare when illuminated. Once the effect is discovered and revealed on camera, selfies continue endlessly, ensuring interest from friends on social media,” explain Irina and Olga Sundukovy

2050 dimmable light bulbs
Ziggurat of stainless steel
Strips of non-combustible paper