Fabric Architecture nods to Mid-Century bars with 80’s glam rock twist at The Joker and The Thief

Fabric Architecture nods to Mid-Century bars with 80’s glam rock twist at The Joker and The Thief

  • Array Tereza

  • 7 months ago

The Joker and The Thief is an oceanfront bar-restaurant designed by Fabric Architecture with styling by Stewart & Highfield. While the name is a homage to Bob Dylan’s song, the interiors are a nod to Mid-Century Modern with a touch of 80s glam rock and era of INXS, an Australian rock band.

“The design concept was left to us, however, the brief for the project called for something unique which the Central Coast had not seen in hospitality. We brought Xanthe from Studio Stewart Highfield onboard to collaborate throughout the process and Xanthe helped set the narrative for the bar and selected all the furniture and styling. The bar is situated on a first-floor tenancy. Perfect for the uninterrupted views over the beach, not so great for the street presence. So getting the attention of people walking past was a key discussion. We wanted to set the mood from the street and also create a visually interesting entrance. The idea to create this monochromatic tunnel, lit by LED strip lights that lead you up to the Maitre d’ and welcome station. The new layout also had to be centred around an existing kitchen and lift shaft. They set the direction during the spatial planning and were utilised by creating separate dining and bar zones. For us, the bar is our favourite. And is definitely the hero of the fit-out creating a focal point for the space, highlighting the themes, styles and colours that have been incorporated into the project. The subtle curves, symmetry, timber cladding mixed with brass mirrors help play on the mid-century styling whilst creating this underlying relaxed atmosphere. The best thing about The Joker and Thief is its ability to transform from a bright and airy day time restaurant to a sundowner bar, one that slowly changes with ever softening light of the sunset outside. We see The Joker and The Thief as the bar that is the perfect moment of escapism. Balmy ocean breezes come through the window as the champagne flows. This place is your lux black sheep. If you want your special night out you can get dressed up to the nines, and look perfectly placed next to your mate in ripped jeans,” said Brent and Damien of Fabric Architecture