Therefore designs delicate interior with nostalgic feel for Vacation café in Melbourne

Therefore designs delicate interior with nostalgic feel for Vacation café in Melbourne

  • Array Tereza

  • 8 months ago

Vacation is a young Melbourne-based coffee roasting label. The talented owners decided to approach architecture and interior design practice Therefore, to design a relaxed yet vibrant venue for their flagship outlet in Melbourne.

“With a literal nod to the name Vacation, the design of this small café aims to reflect a sense of escapism and delight. Abstracted form, colour and pattern are somehow nostalgic and otherworldly at the same time, exuding vibrancy in an otherwise sedate CBD context. The tight corner site required a compact and functional plan with consideration for high demand periods. A linear, flowing, arrangement of service and circulation was enabled through the considered placement of opposing doors. Staff serve from both sides of a large central bar, promoting efficiency and interaction. Furniture is grouped to the perimeter to allow for areas of respite. Existing low ceilings were removed revealing the hidden internal volume of the heritage building. New fenestration maximises daylight, and purposeful interior lighting creates intimacy within the larger shell. The chosen finishes favour lustre, texture and colour, while forms are often curved to further amplify the play of light. The design unifies a broad range of nostalgic references into a space of clarity and intrigue. The scale and spatial qualities of the interior go beyond that of surface treatments and furnishings, immersing the patron in an evocative experience and unique design language,” explains Alex Lake, Director at Therefore