AENY was focused on “coffee transparency” when designing Törnqvist café in Hamburg

AENY was focused on “coffee transparency” when designing Törnqvist café in Hamburg

  • Array Tereza

  • 1 year ago

Törnqvist is a Hamburg-based specialty café offering three drinks and interior focused on interaction between barista and guest. This unique venue was designed by Hamburg design studio AENY.

“Three drinks are on the menu of Törnqvist and are displayed in large relief letters on the wall – three cube- shaped counters in the centre of the room set the stage for the barista‘s work; thus each step can be followed from all sides. Maximum transparency was the main idea for Törnqvist. The composition of the room‘s elements encourages equal interaction between barista and guest. A reduced colour palette of white, black, shades of grey and wood and the minimalist look of the interior put the spotlight on coffee and its preparation. Each of the three counters is made of two interlocking materials: Matt black mineral composite meets rough natural stone – a Bohus granite from the home of Marianne Törnqvist, the owner‘s grandmother. The degree of perfection of the preparation process determines the high level of detail in the design. All other elements of the room are strongly reduced in design. The walls of the main room are white, in contrast to the elegant black of the rear rooms (an open kitchen, storage and toilets). In the rear area of the main room, an oiled ash seating cube with white lounge chairs offers space for a more intimate seating situation. A delicate floor-to-ceiling wall shelf on the opposite wall integrates an elevated seating area with bar stools. In the window, a large white cube can be used both as a seating element and as a table. Stacking stools allow the guest the appropriation of the space and constant change of the room. The white cube is again mirrored in the outside area as a seating element. With the glass façade of the shop completely open, the interior of the café blends seamlessly with the exterior,” explains AENY