Frama uses natural palette and local materials throughout Eno Virreyes restaurant in Mexico City

Frama uses natural palette and local materials throughout Eno Virreyes restaurant in Mexico City

Chef Enrique Olivera approached Danish design practice Frama to design ENO Virreyes, restaurant located in Lomas de Chapultepec neighbourhood of Mexico City. ENO Virreyes is a part of a successful dining concept featuring four restaurants, serving meals prepared form locally sourced, seasonally available, and ethically grown ingredients.

“With Eno’s roots in the local, seasonal and ethically produced ingredients, the new space is a perfect container to live a whole experience. The new design of the restaurant includes a new approach of the geometry and volumes of the interior space, where we utilise both the architectural cues of the past and the technologies of the future. The optimal penetration of daylight, surprising moments, clear connections between the various functions, calm, simplicity, gathering and quality cuisine will reflect the character of Eno restaurant. A natural palette is found throughout, with influences on the local materials. Deep red tezontle pigmented concrete plays a contrasting role to the bright and light space, mostly clad in creams and local maple wood. With the full interior renovation, Frama aimed to embrace the long horizontal lines of the space, in addition to add warmth and tactility to the space in a streamlined sense that give nod to Mexico’s rich history or materials. To celebrate the long lines of the site, we designed a 36 feet panelled wall from floor to ceiling maple wood along the main entry wall. Containing a bar fronted but the bustling kitchen, we created a small opening along the wooden facade for a contrasting bar top in a red tezontle pigmented concrete, tediously mixed to find the perfect shade for the project. The existing smooth marble floor has carefully been through a process to give it more texture and a matte look. Streamlined architectural touches include a floating bench adorned in a local fabric and sleek stainless steel back kitchen, maintaining the connection of honest food between the busy kitchen and the guest it serves. Familiar items within the Frama universe are tailored for the project including a Studio cabinet unit outfitted in maple and sanded stainless steel, 01 chairs recently launched, and archetypical cafe tables adorned in both signatur red tezontle concrete and solid maple wood,” says Frama

“warmth and tactility”

Panelled wall hides kitchen
Smooth marble floor & 01 by FRAMA
Floating bench

Outdoor seating