Frama plays with traditional materials in modern forms at Yaffa restaurant in Copenhagen

Frama plays with traditional materials in modern forms at Yaffa restaurant in Copenhagen

Danish design practice Frama has recently completed transformation of a concrete basement situated in the historical square of Gråbrødretorv in Copenhagen into a warm, inviting and laid-back restaurant Yaffa. Yaffa is a Mediterranean restaurant that realizes an idea of partners Bjarke Reventlow, Simon Pedersen, and Torben Klitbo to create a space emitting the warmth of the Mediterranean ambience.

“Initiated by the restaurant owners, the project was commenced as of the owners’ desire to realize a complete interior project with Frama. Their vision for the space held a feeling of an inviting warmth, engaging the patrons with a relaxed and busy atmosphere not unlike a Parisian bistro. Working within the frame of a historic space, we sought to create a characteristic and tactile space with depth and variety of tactile materiality. The location of Yaffa is a protected property and required specific buildings techniques to conform to strict regulations by the Ministry of Culture. Imposing as a challenge for most processes, these regulations unexpectedly presented the opportunity to cultivate a dialogue between the opposites of old and new. A dialogue that needed to be spontaneous enough to defy its contextual constraints given by legislations. Analogue methods such as hand renderings were therefore employed to ensure the spontaneity of the dialogue; thus, freely allowing a broadened sense of the space to take place. The renovation was employed from the ground up, in which all surfaces, and interior design was shaped by Frama Studio. A combination of customized interior elements, curated selection of vintage, custom furniture and lighting furnishing to inhabit the restaurant. Suggestive to brasseries and bistros, the restaurant does not quite accord to any related culture; but rather a culture of its own. Built-in furniture and vintage pieces have been crafted and allocated to the space per Frama’s aesthetics. Noted by a use of contrasts, it is to be observed in the entirety of the elongated restaurant space. A combination of different types of seating allows for the division of spaces within the irregular plan which allows for large parties, individual guests, and more intimate dinners. The interior elements provide a fresh take on traditional materials such as custom mixed terrazzo, traditional Harrogate tiling, sandblasted marble and Douglas Fir. Fitting along with this twist on the tradition, be-spoke opal glass globes in varying sizes dot the ceiling, and custom design stainless steel sconces contrast to vintage glass compose the wall lighting. The restaurant’s centerpiece is the bar counter. Assembled by individually shaped micro-cement pieces, each have been painted with custom mixed colors; making of a muted color palette is resemblant to the terrazzo blend customized for the space. The bar counter proudly greets the restaurant’s visitors upon arrival and accompanies them whilst awaiting to be seated; as any warm and welcoming host would do,” explains Frama

  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Design: Frama
Different types of seating
Sandblasted marble table top
Booth seating

Shaped micro-cement pieces
Bar seats

Detail of bar
Banquette seating
Terrazzo washbasin