DMG Residence in Brazil draws on simplicity and lightness

DMG Residence in Brazil draws on simplicity and lightness

Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados, Sao Paulo-based architecture firm, has recently completed the residence for a young couple in Bragança Paulista, a municipality in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Architects participated in the process from the very beginning, from the choice of land to the definition of the program.

“Having as residents a young couple with two young children, with many siblings and friends, the house was designed to reunited. Standing out for its simplicity in the use of exposed concrete, castings and a lightness treatment of a long and narrow volume with large eaves, the DMG Residence also has one of its facades turned to a beautiful view of a farm and its vegetation. The house has a concrete structure, ceiling and walls, metallic awning and aluminum frames. We took advantage of the large unevenness of the ground, which at first could be the biggest difficulty of the project. The solution was to place a pool half-level below the social and leisure areas, establishing a transition level between the house and the land. This gap also helped to solve the caretaker residence, which is on the lower level in a place with privacy and independence. The layout is characterized by social spaces interconnected in a single space with a lot of transparency, enchancing the relationship with the exterior and abundant ventilation crossing the two faces.The gastronomic porch has a metal frame roof and a wooden lining that floats above the level of the concrete slabs and leaves a very refreshing free ventilation. Rainwater is collected for irrigation and solar energy for water and pool heating. Photovoltaic panels were provided for short term installations,” says Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos

  • Location: Bragança Paulista – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Size: 9,600 square feet
  • Design: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos
  • Photos: Nelson Kon