CUT architectures completed flagship venue for Goguette bistro under the Louvre Museum Pyramid

CUT architectures completed flagship venue for Goguette bistro under the Louvre Museum Pyramid

Goguette is a new premium dining concept of Ducasse Conseil and Areas providing a healthy seasonal and refined cuisine on the go or for a quick break, located in areas of high traffic such as airports, train stations and museums. The flagship venue, located under the Pyramid in the heart of the Louvre, was designed by CUT architectures.

“The materiality of our concept design suggests both authenticity and freshness. The project combines raw materials and delicate treatments, rational lines and sophisticated punctuations. From the entrance and throughout the restaurant a thin and delicate screen totem made from brass announces the identity of the place with refinement. A palette of natural materials guides the customer’s journey: from a massive terracotta volume integrating fridges on one side and a banquette on the other one, to a white enameled metal counter. A mineral milky terrazzo flooring completes this principle. The authenticity and freshness of the culinary concept is expressed through natural nuances of pure whites for the countertop and terrazzo, terracotta and deep green graphic patterns over the walls. In order to bring light ornamentation to the venue, golden fragments echoing the graphic identity and typeface of the brand are punctuating the counters and shelving. A light line of brass runs across the entire space as a discrete frame. To isolate tasting spaces, this line becomes a structure to extend the back of the banquettes vertically. Above the restaurant, large pergolas lower the ceiling level to offer more intimate areas. A selection of outdoor furniture lacquered in fresh colors brings to the solar and aerial feeling of this interior space,” explained Benjamin Clarens and Yann Martin, Founders of CUT architectures

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 3,230 square feet
  • Design: CUT architectures
  • Photos: David Foessel
Brass screen totem
Terracotta volume integrating fridges
Banquette seating

White enameled metal counter

Communal tables

Green graphic patterns
Large pergolas lower the ceiling