Alena Bulataya was inspired by famous novel Mood Indigo when designing Minsk restaurant

Alena Bulataya was inspired by famous novel Mood Indigo when designing Minsk restaurant

Pena Dney is a new Minsk restaurant located in a pre-war building in the cite center. Both the restaurant concept and the interior design created by Alena Bulataya were inspired by famous novel by Boris Vian ‘Mood Indigo’ (Pena Dney in Russian).

“The restaurant is located in a pre-war building in the city center. It’s designed in style of an ancient castle with feature elements, materials and architectural techniques. Its interior philosophy is based on the popular Boris Vian’s novel ‘Mood Indigo’, with its emphasis on Belarusian cuisine in a modern interpretation. Pena Dney consists of four interconnected rooms and surrounded by chief walls, this architectural feature can be found in ancient palazzo and castles. The kitchen is located on the ground floor and the guest area is on the main floor. After the beginning of demolition works it turned out that the walls remained of historic last century brick, its ceiling lies on beams and covered with wooden rib. All these vintage elements can be admired by visitors. Vaulted ceilings with mouldings and antique interior items are mixed with modern furniture and lighting. The interior’s main feature is a light installation and numerous plants. The interior includes lots of items from the novel ‘Mood Indigo’ which bring certain sense to the restaurant. Every room has its own emphasis: chandelier lying on the table, light installations with plants, mirror bar counter, which seems invisible, tap installed on the ceiling, etc.,” says Alena Bulataya

  • Location: Minsk, Belarus
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 3,000 square feet
  • Design: Alena Bulataya
  • Photos: Alexander Markov
Vaulted ceilings with mouldings
Plants behind glass wall
Detail of lighting
Chandelier lying on the table

Mirror bar counter



Powder room