Interior of Babylon restaurant by Hogg & Lamb draws on one of The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

Interior of Babylon restaurant by Hogg & Lamb draws on one of The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

Babylon is a rooftop bar and restaurant situated on a green entrenched rooftop in Sydney. The chef Arman Uz created a menu inspired by childhood memories from Turkey. The project, inspired by the once-thriving Metropolis and one of The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, was designed by Brisbane-based architectural design practice Hogg & Lamb.

“The venue recalls the splendour of a lost and ancient city. Sumptuously finished dining rooms, hanging gardens, arcades, colonnades and stone buildings spring from an imagined, labyrinthine and ruinous landscape. Patrons are drawn to experience this lavish world where sight, taste and touch are authentically indulged. The project resolves the complexities of delivering a 12,920 sq ft tenancy in the previously under-utilised rooftop level of Westfield, Sydney. The sprawling, indoor/outdoor tenancy was a challenging site made more complex by access limitations and service requirements. These were overcome during a six month design phase and nine month construction period involving Mechanical, Hydraulic, Structural, Electrical and Fire Engineers. 800 covers are distributed across a collection of rooms, varying in scale and spatial quality, delivering an authentic dining experience. The generous floor plate is activated by both intimate and communal spaces navigating a labyrinthine landscape carved out of an imagined ruin. Settings are embellished through tonal and tactile variations achieved by a material palette referencing ancient Babylonian times; clay block, masonry, natural stone, lime render, solid timbers, metals and soft fabrics. The extensive material palette was realised through collaboration with artisan renderers, bricklayers and stonemasons,” explain Michael Hogg and Greg Lamb, founders of Hogg & Lamb

Maitre’D station
First dining room

Second dining room

View to open kitchen
Veiled room
Private room

Floor plan