Hitzig Militello Architects designed intimate sculptural interior for Mamba bar in Buenos Aires

Hitzig Militello Architects designed intimate sculptural interior for Mamba bar in Buenos Aires

  • Array Tereza

  • 1 year ago

Mamba bar is a fine dining bar and restaurant, which the owner describes as a disruptive gastronomic concept. The project was designed by architectural firm Hitzig Militello Architects.

“The design had as its starting point the culinary proposal based on a disruptive gastronomic concept (the client’s own words). We understood that the search was to exacerbate the senses, the fusion of flavors, the smells that summon and the looks that seduce. The idea was to promote the culinary proposal materialized through an oneiric and suggestive landscape that accompanies the great gastronomic challenge to which we have been called. We understood that, just as it happens in fusion food where the combination should not compromise the taste register, its aesthetics must break with certain limits without losing coherence. Therefore, in its setting and architecture, the fusion of elements must be translated into harmony. For this reason, the idea was to promote a large and unique piece capable of connecting the entire project, which is also fully functional to the needs of the restaurant. It contains almost all the functions of use such as the sitting boxes, the DJ area, the waiting room and the scenography of its storefront. All through a landscape of abstract figures inspired by the scales of a large invertebrate materialized in iron and covered by mdf triangular boards painted in marble oxide tone. A choice that aims to mark a clear contemporary aesthetic line without falling back on a pretentious space. We have proposed conceptual elements in his storefront, in addition to two other corners, represented by disused broken crockery which offer an artistic image that adds to the imaginary of his guests. It is a great showcase with a very suggestive artistic proposal, a kind of veil that covers the visibility of the restaurant, with the aim of seducing the visitor and calling him to mystery. The presence of vegetation over the fires is part of a balance of tonalities, and in the backyard, whose green landscape accompanies like a screen, proposes an ecosystem outdoors for those who prefer to enjoy another atmosphere,” explained Hitzig Militello Architects

Entry area
Bar area