Denisa Strmiskova creates charming interior for Le Vafle waffle shop in Brno

Denisa Strmiskova creates charming interior for Le Vafle waffle shop in Brno

  • Array Tereza

  • 7 months ago

Le Vafle, a Czech emerging wafle brand, opened its first permanent location in the heart of Brno, a city in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. Both the interior and the exterior of the venue was designed by Prague-based practice Denisa Strmiskova Studio.

“The interior of newly opened bistro Le Vafle, which is located near Brno city centre, refers the history of a residential house constructed in 1930 where it is located. At the same time, it points to the mostly sweet menu focus of a café. To provide a cozy atmosphere was the priority of the investor. As a result, the design combines warm salmon and claret colors together with padded wood furniture manufactured especially for this project. The space is small and fragmented. On the other hand, it disposes of tall ceilings and large glass window displays that make more spacious impression for the visitors and let the light get in. This effect is strengthened by huge mirrors placed just under the ceiling. Tiled bar with a brown color that evokes chocolate forms the centric part of the interior. The bar is connected with an open kitchen. The seating combines bar with TON barstools and long benches with rounded tables with low TON chairs. Among the details, the highlight is a vintage wall clock. The concept includes also the greenery. The design respects the history of the building and has a modern look at the same time. The lightning is from Normann Copenhagen in matt version. The window display is illuminated by the neon designed by graphic designer Michal Ondráček. There are also colour illustrations of waffles inside,” explains Denisa Strmiskova

Entrance area
Bar & counter
High table and TON stools
Dining area
Banquette seating