Biasol uses light and feminine palette throughout Ambrosia bubble tea shop in Shenzhen

Biasol uses light and feminine palette throughout Ambrosia bubble tea shop in Shenzhen

Ambrosia is a new bubble tea brand and shop in an up-and-coming neighborhood of Shenzhen, China. The clients approached an international studio Biasol to design their shop and brand which would help make their mark as fashionable, modern and mindful.

The unique and impactful space has handcrafted techniques and a distinctive aesthetic to appeal to the modern and mindful tea drinker. The minimalist form is based on the traditional Chinese courtyard houses and architectural gateways to achieve a sense of flow, while the soft pink palette creates a calming, sensory experience. Wooden arches with opaque glass panels frame the entry and service counter and are a contemporary nod to the traditional Chinese gateway, paifang. The long and narrow interior evokes the courtyard in historical siheyuanresidences, where enclosed courtyards provide intimacy for family and friends. Rounded corners soften the feel of the long and narrow space, with a menu affixed to the wall at one end, and an upholstered banquette at the other end. The service counter is in the centre with all tea making taking place behind the scenes. The light and feminine palette draws inspiration from pale earthy tones and timber textures. Fibonacci Stone’s “Pavlova” terrazzo on the floors, counter, tables and walls are an aggregate of sensory and calming tones with flesh, blush and salmon hues. Pendant lights above the counter are like bubbles rising to the surface, and a neon white light – “Be my best cup of tea” – reiterates the lifestyle that 蜜葉裡Ambrosia represents. Not just another bubble tea, 蜜葉裡Ambrosia is the best cup of bubble tea that life has to offer,” explains Biasol

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Size: 287 square feet
  • Design: Biasol
  • Photos: James Morgan
Wooden arches with opaque glass panels
Soft pink pallette

Rounded corners

Banquette seating
Menu board
Floor plan