A look inside Viajante cocktail bar in London

A look inside Viajante cocktail bar in London

  • Array Tereza

  • 8 months ago

London-based studio DROO was approached to create the interior of the deluxe cocktail bar Viajante of Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green, London.

“The planning of the bar sees the service area located in the central space of the room. This allows for intimate and private seating arrangements for guests, which, combined with the furniture design provides an ambiance of social interaction yet easily achievable seclusion within the space. This is punctuated by the bespoke designed chandelier over the bar structure. The mixture of colours, texture, lighting & reflection in this central element creates an interest and a focal point for the space. Between two worlds, the traditional lampshade sits atop an angular arm, which appears to emerge from within the walls,” explains DROO

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Date completed: 2012
  • Size: 540 square feet
  • Design: DROO
  • Photos: Ed Reeve

Lounge area

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