Studio34South breathed new life into beautiful apartment in Haarlem

Studio34South breathed new life into beautiful apartment in Haarlem

Young entrepreneurial client asked Studio34South to help her design her vision of her first family home in Haarlem. The precise and gentle renovation of a beautiful yet dilapidated space took two years.

“Having been left to decay by a recluse for more than 60 years, this 1905 heritage beauty was found frozen in time. It reeked of cigarette smoke and that exciting sense of being untouched by any modern tastes or interventions. Could it be true? In fact it may have been left too untouched; the water and climatic damage meant that every single element of the house had to be restored. It was a mammoth task that took almost 2 years. From the foundations to the leaded glass windows, to the ornate plaster mouldings; it was all removed, taken off site, restored, and reinstated. Only a superwoman producer client could pull off this level of renovation, continue producing global events, have her second child, and still be smiling at the design team. This young entrepreneurial client needed their first family home to be a place that accommodates for children, but is also a playground for adults. They had a taste for the 60’s and 70’s, so we aimed to reflect the free spirited lifestyle and energy of this era in both the aesthetics and the functionality of the entertaining area. Two walls of the original structure were removed to create one open kitchen, bar dining and lounge space. However the soul of the house was respected. The leaded glass windows that were overgrown with ivy, were stripped and repaired to their original state, which allowed the space to be soaked with soft daylight once again. A neutral paint palette for the walls and ceilings kept the background easy going so the ornate details could be appreciated but subtle, and allowed the clients identity to create a new layer. The living area is characterised by key statement pieces that define the places to play; the bar, the dining and the lounge. A creamy honed marble with a deep grey vein adds drama to the kitchen and bar, but the custom designed 8 person dining table is the life of the party. It is an entertainers piece made of mosaic tile and gives off energetic bursts of colour in tones of mint and orange. The lounge room reflects the play between night and day. Soft fabric furniture in light colours are contrasted with an original black marble fireplace; and a bronze, claw foot vintage table is the wild night piece. Metal and enamel vintage lighting pieces add a surprising contrast to the delicate ceiling rose features,” explains Studio 34 South

  • Location: Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Size: 1,600 square feet
  • Design: Studio 34 South
  • Photos: Nina van Ewijk
Dining area
Detail of table top

Children’s rooms