SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* creates interior for Todd English Food Hall in Dubai

SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* creates interior for Todd English Food Hall in Dubai

Well-known European-inspired speciality food hall Todd English opened its latest branch at the extension of the prestigious Fashion Avenue of The Dubai Mall. A dining venue, focused on the finest, instantly prepared gourmet specialities, was designed by SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*.

“For this particular outlet, we conceptualised and executed a strategy that went in-line with Todd English’s passion for distinct cuisines. After the wide black-and-green façade, you enter a generous lobby shaped in multiple curved lines, that host the cafeteria and sweet treats section, with several bar stations and a confined seating area. The section is closed by a Deli Market, where some niches display deli food take away, before entering the very premises of the Food Hall. Seven distinct cooking stations are created, each for one food category: Ocean Grill, Pasta and Pizza, Sushi, Noodle and Dumpling, Arabic, Indian, and Grill. To establish an easy engagement of the customers, the bar formula has been implemented for each of these food stations. Each of these seven styles has its design element, clearly reflecting the gastronomic mood and highlighting the characteristic flavour. Also, multiple see-through displays have been specifically designed to expand the Deli Market to the whole restaurant, so that people have at any time the feeling that they can take away part of Todd English inspiration. The mighty food hall covers an area of 12,000 sq. Feet and promises to appeal to the sensibilities of the modern generation with a taste for global cuisine. The USP of this outlet is the homely and warm décor that strikes a familiar chord with the crowd: simple yet effective designs of marble flooring made quirky and modern with a mosaic pattern. Classic and elegant wood panelling accentuate the corners and joints while distinct tainted glass windows and judicious use of wall mirrors take this outlet several notches higher than its contemporaries. Besides, keeping in mind the urban food culture here represented, the décor is specially conceived to be appealing to the young crowd. The neatly arranged wall décor and kitchen supplies bring back the memories of your childhood as you go through the broad and diverse menu. The rustic sitting arrangement has been designed to accommodate a large number of people without crowding the establishment though. The thoughtful material selections add a touch of elegance and cheer to this outlet where people get to feel connected with their food. Of course, having it cooked in front of them is a great feature, supplemented with the open layout and efficient ventilation system that the spices and aromatic smell do not overpower the customers. Capturing the essence of the client and implementing it to make this concept come alive in physical form. The result is the perfect blend of unique and harmonious design elements in the food sector to enhance the perception and value of gastronomic delights,” explains SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*

  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Size: 12,000 square feet

Cooking stations

Dining area