Italian-inspired cafe by Ohlo evokes the jewellery box

Italian-inspired cafe by Ohlo evokes the jewellery box

  • Array Tereza

  • 1 year ago

Willing coffee is an Italian-inspired café located in a suburb of Perth – Guildford, Western Australia. The interior was completed by interior design studio Ohlo.

The clients brief was for an classic Italian inspired cafe designed like a jewellery box. It was to bring the clients love for competition cycling and coffee together. The design details were largely informed by research at the concept design phase into early industrial designs from the 50’s and 60’s and vintage cycle styling. This era was the beginning of industrial design as a profession and, in the post war world, mechanical equipment was being designed to be more appealing in a household environment. Manufacturers wanted to appeal to woman in order to get their products into homes. Thus there was a fluidity or softness in many of the designs. Later, designs also became influenced by the space age and had a clear ‘tech’ vibe. It is this contrast between ‘tech’ and curvaceousness that informed our design. We looked more specifically at Italian mid-century diners as a way to combine classic Italian and mechanical references; drawing inspiration from a period in design that was rich with possibility. The centerpiece of the space is a counter, formed from folded stainless steel wrapping a Persian Red Travertine front. We chose to use natural stone on the front of the counter to add a soft, natural dimension to the venue and maintained stainless steel on all the work surfaces. In this way the small venue looks less cluttered through the consistency of steel surfaces and retains a functional, technical feeling in contrast to soft finishings and curved lines of the seating area,” says Ohlo Studio 

Dining area