Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio preserves historical architectural elements at Mikkeller beer-bar in Bucharest

Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio preserves historical architectural elements at Mikkeller beer-bar in Bucharest

  • Array Tereza

  • 9 months ago

One of the most famous craft beers brands, the Danish Mikkeller, carefully chooses cities, where it wants to be present. In fact, there are only a few selected cities all over the world and one of which is a beer-bar and bistro in Bucharest, in the Charles de Gaulle square, in a striking early 20th-century villa. The interior was designed by Bucharest-based studio Bogdan Ciocodeica.

“The building has a very strong personality and a special relationship between the main interior with the square, being elevated almost one floor above the ground. Through a balcony located along the main facade, floating above the level of the foot way, a direct relationship with the square space is established by the extension of the interior space dominated by the high windows, protected by a decorative grid, part of the original architectural concept. Also, the interior architectural elements of the original house have been preserved and reintegrated in a complementary manner with the newly designed space: wooden beams and the stone fireplace, although part of a classic architectural vocabulary, become components of a contemporary, abstract language. The interior design exploits and amplifies the intimate, nostalgic, warm and cozy atmosphere of the building, creating a timeless interior, without following the battered way of historical quotes with pieces of period furniture, but by simplifying, reinterpreting and redesign the elements, making use of textures, dark colors and low dim light, which leaves the space in an incognito type of atmosphere, a penumbra, somewhat similar to the 30’s and 40’s period, allowing the evening lights of the square to be seen from a privileged angle. The contemporaneity of the space lies in the simple, almost symbolic lines of the volumes of the partitions located along the windows, without interrupting the interior relationship with the city, and by using the same gray wood material, abstracted for the furniture and for the floor, thus forming a common body, a unique volume that is placed inside the house and provides a framework and stand-alone setting for all other pieces of furniture. Tables with linoleum finishes, modern design chairs, and brass lamps are a contemporary reinterpretation of the 30’s and 40’s period, complemented by abundant vegetation, thus transforming space into a sophisticated urban salon similar to the culinary experience and specialty beer tasting,” explains Bogdan Ciocodeica

High windows
Various types of seating areas

Stone fireplace
Wooden beams