Zrobym Architects extended and designed coffee roastery in Minsk

Zrobym Architects extended and designed coffee roastery in Minsk

  • Array Tereza

  • 2 years ago

Kitchen Coffee Roasters is one of the best coffee roasteries in Minsk, Belarus. Its interior design was completed by Architectural studio ZROBYM architects.

“We increased the space of almost 200 square meters by building the second floor. Kitchen Coffee Roasters team holds training workshops there. It was necessary to repair almost two hundred square meters with a ceiling height of seven meters in a limited budget. Based on this, we proposed to divide the room into two levels. The renovation of the main space was made to the level of three meters from the floor, so we saved the budget for the decoration of the walls and the ceiling. In this way, we created a contrast between the old walls of the production hall and the smooth white walls of the new production. We used a self-leveling floor. The paintings are a detail that emphasizes the idea of “interrupting” the design on the level of three meters. Dobermans are painted on three paintings – one canvas is placed on the floor, and the dog is painted to its full height. In the other two paintings, the heads of dogs are higher than the level of three meters from the floor. Respectively, the heads don’t appear in the composition,” says ZROBYM architects

  • Location: Minsk, Belarus
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 2,500 square feet
  • Design: ZROBYM architects
  • Architects: Roman Mohamad, Andrus Bezdar
  • Photos: Tatiana Sibas
Second floor