INT2architecture uses sophisticated combination of colors and textures at apartment in St. Petersburg

INT2architecture uses sophisticated combination of colors and textures at apartment in St. Petersburg

The owners of the apartment living abroad asked studio INT2architecture to design their second home in the heart of Saint-Petersburg on the top floor of the old revenue house built in the beginning of the 19thcentury.

“The main objective was to create a functional space for temporary short term stay of the owners who live abroad. As a result, a comfortable apartment (like a hotel suite) was designed. It has two bedrooms with two master baths, living room, kitchen, study, laundry room and a steam room. The main concept of the project is the use of the simple methods of working with space by means of color and texture: use of deep colors on the walls and ceilings, combination of various wood textures, cement tiles and ceramic granite… Living room is the common space. Walnut parquet visually separates a kitchen zone from the living room. Kitchen is separated from the entrance by double-sided cabinets that go not all the way to ceiling letting the natural lighting into the hall. There is a big wardrobe inside the cabinets that can be accessed from the hall; kitchen appliances and the main storage area that is accessed from the kitchen. Kitchen isle top, range hood case and kitchen top is made out of quartz stone. In the hallway the entrance to the laundry room is hidden in the walnut wall, invisible door is covered with the parquet thus giving the illusion of the undivided wall. Wood burning fireplace is bespoke and was produced in Italy, finished at the site with birch plywood. Study is painted in grey-blue color with the light grey ceiling. Due to this color separation the proportions of the room are more comfortable for perception. Vintage teak high-board and a sideboard with the bio fireplace stand out on a deep blue background. Grey-green ceiling is an accent point of the first bedroom, the color conceals the height of the room and improves the perception of the room’s proportions. In the second bedroom division of space is done by the plywood portal. It separates the zone along the windows (breakfast area, sports equipment) from the sleeping area simultaneously letting the natural light into the room. For the isolation of the bedroom from the laundry room a sliding door is designed. Master bathrooms have linear division into the “wet” area – portal made of the ceramic granite; and a “dry” area – painted zone. Vintage teak sideboards and towel racks stand out on a deep wall color. Guest bathroom is designed based on the same principal. Steam room shower is finished with marble slabs, and a “dry” zone – with birch plywood,” says INT2architecture

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 2,300 square feet
  • Design: INT2architecture
Walnut parquet separates zones
Double-sided cabinets separates kitchen
Living & dining zone

Laundry room
Study in grey-blue color
Vintage teak sideboard & fireplace
Bedroom with grey-green ceiling
Second bedroom with plywood portal

Linear division of wet & dry area