Heren 5 completes small yet functional loft in three-generation home

Heren 5 completes small yet functional loft in three-generation home

  • Array Tereza

  • 2 years ago

Egons Loft is a part of a 3 generations house in the North of Amsterdam. The interior was designed by Heren 5 architects in collaboration with furniture designer Paul Timmer.

“In this single-side oriented loft we have fully used the width of the space. The most important housing functions, cooking and eating, are situated directly behind the large glass façades with view on the light-boat and the canal. The private housing functions such as the living room, sleeping area, storage and bathroom are situated in the back of the loft. The extra high ceiling of 3,5m is being used to place the sleeping area on top of the kitchen, creating a maximum of spaciousness. An extra bed can be pulled out from under the living-platform, to provide sleeping space for staying over friends. Inventive switching and stacking created a compact loft with a generous feel. The large interior-unit is realized in a subtle palette of birch wood and white Corian. The ‘diamond edge’-detailing, designed by Paul Timmer, gives the design its unique look. When Egon (the owner) bought his ‘3G apartments’ in the housing block, he had a special wish. He wanted an apartment on the ground floor, so that his daughter can easily play outside. And where his mother has her own place and grandma can look after her grandchild. And by the time my daughter is grown-up, she can live in the loft next door on her own. This is how the composition of the ‘3G apartments’ got shape, in which now three generations live together comfortably. And until the time Egons daughter is old enough to live on her own in the loft, it will be rented out,” explains Heren 5

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherands
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 480 square feet
  • Design: Heren 5
  • Interior builder / designer: Paul Timmer
  • Photos: Tim Stet & Leonard Faustle

Stairs to bed area