Colombo and Serboli Architecture Designed Home Near Sagrada Familia

Colombo and Serboli Architecture Designed Home Near Sagrada Familia

The Font 6 Apartment is located in a modernist (Catalan Art Nouveau) building in a quiet and green passageway beside the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí´s temple in Barcelona. The apartment belongs to Andrea Serboli, one of the two founders of the architectural firm Colombo and Serboli Architecture, which designed the interior.

“It was the perfect opportunity to develop a sample of the firm’s style, having as a single limit a maximum budget to invest, and to find place for a great number of objects and memories forming my collection. The simple brief was to turn the house into a wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities), a quiet retreat full of emotionally charged objects, with at least one guest room besides the main one. The original layout consisted of a series of partitions, in full style of the modernist period, which divided the apartment into six rooms. The gallery overlooking the interior patio of the block had been previously closed off with PVC windows; the original period gallery windows had been lost before the purchase. The challenge has been translated into the will to maintain the period elements that could be saved, without renouncing to a flat with a distinct contemporary character and as clear and diaphanous as possible. The two bedrooms adjacent the entrance had original features in good condition (floors and doors above all). The presence of a lineal balcony that connects them to the tree-lined passage has contributed even more to the idea of restoring and recovering them in their original layout. In the rest of the apartment, the impossibility of preserving the original floors and the presence of bathroom and kitchen elements in a too prominent and unfavorable position, led to the decision of the total removal of the remaining walls, making it impossible to preserve the floors. The concept of the project is therefore guided by the idea of emptying the apartment and inserting a lacquered, wooden-clad, groove panelled blue box in the middle of the floor plan, modulating and redefining the spaces around it in a more architectonic way. The box contains a bathroom, designed more as a relaxing and intimate area. It is the sancta sanctorum of the entire apartment, its entrance hidden and camouflaged between the doors of the closets constituting the entire external facade of the box,” says Serboli


Living room area

Dining area

Bedroom 2