Colombo and Serboli Architecture Creates Home for Young Professional Woman in Barcelona

Colombo and Serboli Architecture Creates Home for Young Professional Woman in Barcelona

This small apartment, called T111, is located on the top floor of Barcelona’s fashionable Sant Antoni neighborhood. The apartment design was completed by Colombo and Serboli Architecture.

“The brief was to take the empty, irregular floor plan (demolitions had already been carried out) and transform it into the perfect home for a young professional Italian woman. The client’s wishes were an open-plan day area, a clean-lines project, loads of light, a big kitchen unit, one double bedroom that could be minimal and a bathroom, as big as possible, with natural light and ventilation, serving the bedroom but open to guests. The project had to provide plenty of storage in order to keep the spaces tidy, be very practical, while contemporary and cozy. The floor plan has a narrow central body with two peak-shaped spaces at each end, an awkwardly shaped property. A lot of thinking had to go into ways of providing space for everything. The entrance and corridor-like central space was clearly to become a linear kitchen space. The wider area overlooking the street, with the two balcony windows facing south was to be an open dining and living area. More complicated was to define the use and layout of bathroom, bedroom, and storage area, wedged tightly and strangely between entrance and the back of the property. Our aim was to create spaces that felt as wide and comfortable as possible, dissimulating the reduced dimensions of the apartment. For this reason, we chose to work with a concept that enhances the diagonal lines of the existing apartment’s contour, not working against them but seconding the shape of the walls, slicing portions at an angle to amplify the feeling of width,” explain Andrea Serboli and Matteo Colombo