A Tour of The Apartment K in Stockholm

A Tour of The Apartment K in Stockholm

Apartment K, situated in a residential area called Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden, was in need of a total renovation. The current sophisticated atmosphere made by a mix of modern and traditional elements is the result of the redesign of talented interior designer Joanna Lavén.

“This apartment needed a total renovation, and this was done in 2016. It had been renovated in the 1990s and had a lot of over the top embellishments in gold and a very bad position for the kitchen so I did a complete recontruction of the bedrooms and kitchen area, moving walls etc. The new kitchen was made to measure  in a classical style with hand blown glass in the vitrine cabinets and a wooden kitchen island. Assoluto Nero granite stone and Calacatta marble was used in the kitchen and marble was also used in both bathrooms. In the hallway two walk-in closets were built to make room for storage, also some beautiful moldings were put in here and throughout the apartment. A vintage fireplace mantel in green marble was imported from Italy. I wanted to use modern furnishing while keeping the apartments architectural design classic and in the style of the building year,” explained Joanna Lavén


Kitchen area

Dining area
Living room with a fireplace