A Peek Inside Pastel Rita Café-Boutique in Montreal

A Peek Inside Pastel Rita Café-Boutique in Montreal

  • Array Tereza

  • 2 years ago

Pastel Rita is a project based in Montreal’s creative neighborhood Mile-End. The venue houses a café, artisans’ workshops, and a boutique space where local creations are showcased. The project was designed by young Montreal-based firm APPAREIL architecture.

“We rose to the challenge of designing a Mile-End café-boutique overflowing with colors and daring. The couple who owns the space, Gabriel Malenfant, member of the band Radio Radio, and Véronique Orban de Xivry, founder of the brand Bouquet, wished to create a hybrid space that combined a café with a workshop-boutique. This unique collaborative spirit is expressed in our proposition through overlapping spaces which allow customers to gain an exclusive glimpse at the creation workshop, all while enjoying a coffee. Located on St-Laurent street in the creative Mile-End neighbourhood, the large windows allow for natural lighting, while giving passersby a preview of the creations placed in the storefront. The café section of Pastel Rita stands out through its welcoming atmosphere, and was so named in honor of Rita, Gabriel’s grand-mother. This part of the space consists of a large central bar which allows for direct contact between the baristas and the customers. Painted in a glossy green, this custom-made furnishing, as well as our FLOE chairs, lend a festive tone to the room. Behind the bar, a partition made of wooden slats serves as a separating screen delineating the boutique section of the wall. This panel is punctuated by large, arch-shaped openings, putting the handbags, hats, and leather accessories on a pedestal. The curve of the golden ceiling reinforces the delineation of the space, while creating a luxurious effect that serves to highlight the creations produced in the workshop. In the boutique, several architectural details act as displays for the artisans’ handbag and accessory creations. The predominance of curves and the pastel color palette give rise to a creative and playful atmosphere. A seating nook was custom-designed and faces large, metallic, window-adorned doors that allow curious customers to have a direct view on the artisans at work. This convivial zone seems to be taken straight out of another universe, as all its components sport a pastel pink color,” explained APPAREIL architecture

  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 1,500 square feet
  • Design: APPAREIL architecture
  • Photos: Félix Michaud
Natural lighting
Large central bar with FLOE chairs
Banquette seating
Delineation of the space by the green panel
Creations produced in the workshop