Inside Chengdu Wanhua Luxelakes Eco-City Apartment

Inside Chengdu Wanhua Luxelakes Eco-City Apartment

Chengdu Wanhua Luxelakes Eco-City is a residential project that houses unit C2-2A or “A Land of Simple Zen”. This showroom apartment was decorated by Shenzhen Qianxun Design Co., Ltd.                      

“Through a partition made of wooden vertical bars, interior view of the house is partly seen, where black, white and gray as the main colors are in match with wood-based spatial decoration, bringing out a wonderland filled with Zen temperament. Low-saturation colors help to create a softer atmosphere, and wooden material, which becomes even more pure and elegant as time goes by, adding cozy warmth with its thin and continuous texture. The design approach abandons complicated appearance or ever-changing trend but pursues essential minimalism, illustrating plain nature of condensed life, implying inward fulfillment of Chinese design. Spatial structure and proportion are carefully considered, usage of neat lines and natural materials such as stone and wood perfectly showing the beauty of sight intertwining and interlacing. Benefited from its natural surroundings of waters and mountains, the residential space build a people-oriented lifestyle supplemented with harmonious environment, through simple yet elegant furniture system and reasonable distinction of functional areas. As a visual focus, chandeliers in living and dining rooms showcase curved outlines, complementing with relatively flat and tough spatial background. Actually, it is a tribute to ancient Chinese philosophy of “square earth and spherical heaven”. Containers, vases, mirrors and other daily life objects, are also given an air of poetic aesthetics, while elegant tea white, steady ocher and deep indigo enable you to feel the mood of traditional Chinese literati who are longing for recluse life among natural landscapes,” said LI Jianmei, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Living area
Dining room

Girl’s room
Guest room

Master bedroom

Master bathroom