A Look Inside Waterfront Nikys Apartment in Thessaloniky

A Look Inside Waterfront Nikys Apartment in Thessaloniky

Waterfront Nikis Apartment is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece, on the old waterfront promenade. The apartment, situated on the first floor of a 1937 listed Art Deco building designed by Greek architect G. Manousos, was fully renovated in 2017 by Stamatios Giannikis, an architect and founder of an architectural center “Architecture In Residence”.

“The spatial organization of the apartment has been kept as it was in the original design: a living room, a dining room, three bedrooms, a shower room, a WC, a storage room, a kitchen and two balconies (one at the front overlooking the sea and one at the back looking at the neighborhood). Plenty of the original fittings of the apartment such as the flooring, the doors and windows and the plaster details on the ceilings have been refurbished and retained. New plumbing, new electricity/digital connectivity and new heating/cooling infrastructure has been installed as well as an entirely new kitchen cabinetry with new electrical appliances and an entirely new shower room and WC with new flooring and sanitary fittings. The apartment is home to “Architecture In Residence”, an architectural center, founded in 2017 by me. “Architecture In Residence” was founded to share public knowledge about architecture and architects, foster interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration, and inspire ideas about the role of design in communities. The intention of the renovation was to design a space that feels like home but at the same time is able to host the diverse activities of “Architecture In Residence”: residence programs, dinners, lectures, exhibitions, meetings, shows focused on architecture and the design community,” says Stamatios Giannikis

Living room

Dining room



Master bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3