A Tour of The Gelato Dal Cuore Ice Cream Shop in Shanghai

A Tour of The Gelato Dal Cuore Ice Cream Shop in Shanghai

Gelato Dal Cuore, that is roughly translated as “Gelato from the heart”, is the ice cream shop located in Shanghai. Owners focus on high quality with the use of fresh imported ingredients to producing handmade traditional Gelato flavours and inventing loads of seasonal flavours with a local twist. The interior was designed by Shanghai-based interior design studio hcreates.

“To compliment the high-quality product, Gelato Dal Cuore wanted the design to follow some traditional elements that spoke to the heritage of classic Italian Gelato, mixed with modern elements and accents to complete their orange brand colours. The result is a cool balance of refined and classic which ties together the fun and playfulness of the ingredients. This shop is sure to have lines long into the Shanghai summer,” said Hannah Churchill

  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Design: hcreates
  • Designer: Hannah Churchill
  • Photos: Brian Chua
Mix of traditional and modern elements

Seating area
Seating area

Menu board