Take a Look at V + Coffee Cafe in Qingdao

Take a Look at V + Coffee Cafe in Qingdao

  • Array Tereza

  • 2 years ago

V + Coffe is a coffee shop based in Qingdao, that unlike other shops that were keen to gather in one place stands quietly at the corner, being a bit of unworldly and different. The eclectic interior was designed by Chinese interior studio Fan Life.

“Wooden grilled windows in the shop front are painted with retro green, just like a time machine, attracting people to step in to encounter a story of light and shadow. Once walked inside, it makes one feel like being in a micro-market of art handicraft workshop, where items like personalized portraits paintings, animal simulation sculptures, mechanical printer, antique radio, as well as hand-made devices in different sizes, are quietly distributed on the walls, tables or display racks. It is like the Doraemon’s pocket, containing endless wonderful things all the time. All the original furniture and lightings have their own meaning and story. After careful and deliberate layout arrangement, they appear naturally and convey the true meaning of the comfortable life evolution. The space is mainly mixed and match style. Black iron and solid wood act as the background of hard decoration, where fine metal lines match with soft woody texture, blended with modern light gray and celadon walls, thus being refreshingly retro and freshness. Artificial green plants that scattered everywhere are made by four people by hand, costing about two months, and the materials have been purchased from Japan and Taiwan. Lamps filled with soft moonlight bring the warmth deep inside. Lighting materials have been imported separately from Thailand for several times, and the handmade lights take shape eventually after repeated experiments. Through using static-dynamic technique, designer’s sincerity could be easily told from this smart and vibrant space. Smelling the unique fragrance of coffee in the air, the answer to what is a “good” life slowly comes into mind: never settling is the contemplation on showy and luxurious life, as well as the true nature of mood. Just a cup of coffee, a dish of dessert, a favorite book, and an item to play with could fulfill an entire afternoon. All items displayed here are for sale. Meet your favorite moment of inspiration here, and resave it as the accompaniment in quiet daily life,” explained Fan Life studio

  • Location: Qingdao, China
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 7,578 square feet
  • Design: Fan Life
  • Photos: Fan Life
“A micro-market of art handicraft workshop”
Original furniture and lightings
Personalized portraits paintings
Animal simulation sculptures
Bar stools