A Look Inside Chanou Bistro in Seoul

A Look Inside Chanou Bistro in Seoul

Chanou is a French bistro based in Seoul, Korea, run by chefs, Chanoh Lee and Mathieu Mores. The interior was completed by Joongho Choi design studio.

“We have reinterpreted the space by adding urban and cool modern sensibilities reflecting the characteristics of a classic style and streets with dense fashion brands that fit in the concept of the French bistro. The atmosphere of Chanou is shown differently every hour by having a natural lighting only from the south and a deep space structure in the opposite direction. The atmosphere changes from day to night, reflecting the characteristics of its space. We have created an atmosphere that makes people feel cozy with plenty of light to enjoy their meals in daytime and then dark and relaxing in the evening to have their drinks and dinner like a lounge,” explained Joongho Choi design studio

Urban and cool modern vibe
Natural lighting only from the south
Deep space structure

Atmosphere changes from day to night
Dining area